agent starling (high roller glitch)

from one thousand birds symphony by GRICE



The sight of hundreds of thousands of starlings gathering to fill the winter skies with their otherworldly shape-shifting in the form of spectacular murmurations is undoubtedly one of the wonders of the world.
The sound that these birds create are astounding in themselves - true glitch, their clicking and stuttering inspired me to pair their chattering with the sounds of static and more industrial kinetic sounds.
The track again features the beautiful cello work of Eliza Carew and the arrangements were inspired by the drama of murmurations.
Luca Calabrese completes the mood with muted trumpet which breaks through the static and crackle as though the needle has dropped on to a well played vinyl recording.

Starlings feature heavily on this album I have an affinity the connection with them for when I was very young back in South London I rescued a baby starling from a circle of cats that were closing in for the kill.
I picked him up put him on the handlebars of my bike and rushed home. I recounted my heroics to my father who then said we could try and look after it but that he might not be happy. We put him in an old Peruvian birdcage that my father had brought back from one of his travels, I fed him every day with a pipette and he grew adopting his beautiful iridescent speckles.
When the time was right, I released him into the wild with a heavy heart, so I do love these creatures, they are exceptionally intelligent and their social learning abilities are incredible.
Of course their murmurations are something to behold, the track 'Agent Starling' celebrates the glitch the buzz and static sounds of their chattering and the video captures some murmuration filmed by Dan Wiseman and Judi Hawkins which I just find to be one of the wonders of the world. G

There are so many fly-on parts and appearances from incredible musicians on this track including the master of starling disguises Richard Barbieri and percussion from Hossam Ramzy, there are even some discreet but sublime sounds courtesy of Steve Jansen from the 'alexandrine' sessions in the mix.


from one thousand birds symphony, released March 5, 2021
Eliza Carew - Cello
Luca Calabrese - Trumpet
GRICE - string arrangements, electronica, glitch, sound design, guitars
Starlings - themselves

Al Swainger - French horn
Marco Maggiore - Drums

sonic intervention:
Richard Barbieri
Hossam Ramzy
Steve Jansen


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