blackbird chain (traction in the rain)

from one thousand birds symphony by GRICE



It is no coincidence or random act that the blackbird features on the front cover of the album. They are such strong and dynamic characters and dominate the surrounding landscape only interrupted and giving way to occasional visitors such as the Sparrow Hawk.
The robins are equally wonderful and their inquisitive nature and nerves of steel lead them to be the bird in the garden that you feel you can have a meaningful interaction with - I am lucky to have had monsieur robin eating from my hand.
in terms of song...the robin is such a sweet chorister however the blackbird heralds his presence with such intriguing melodies that are sometimes almost recognisable as music to our un-refined ears.
The motifs and melodies that I recorded of the resident blackbirds feature throughout this track and a few others.
I removed the glitch from their refrains leaving only the pure notes to form a blackbird chain.
the acoustic guitars remind me of traction in the Rain (D. Crosby)
Their alarm calls are also an integral part of the soundscape.


from one thousand birds symphony, released March 5, 2021


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