the white crow & the windchime

from one thousand birds symphony by GRICE



This track has an alternative title 'The white raven & The windchime'
Greeks believed that the white raven was the bird of Apollo – the God blackened the bird's white feathers as it had revealed secrets.
They also represent a change in consciousness and the raven is depicted as 'offering its knowledge of the world to the people for safe-keeping. '

The sighting of a white crow is seen as a blessing or a good omen.
A “white crow” is also a Russian idiom meaning a misfit, an oddball, someone who does not fit the mold – a title given to Rudolph Nureyev.

Warped and mangled crows and ravens and another manipulated blackbird passed through some unsuitable and inappropriate software to create a sonic high frequency telephone conversation with the birds - almost a bird Séance.

Luca Calabrese recorded some intense trumpets which give an arabic feel these inspired me to create and arranged some disturbed and distressed strings around them, a sonic nest if you will....


from one thousand birds symphony, released March 5, 2021


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