birds on a wire (blackbird vocoder)

from one thousand birds symphony by GRICE



birds on a wire (blackbird vocoder)

So the birds are hanging out on the telephone wires all around me taking in the Sun, preening. chattering. buzzing. glitching - The telephone wires create Staves - musical score lines which they populate and inhabit in a mischievous way.
I took some photographs and video on my phone and realised they were adopting a melodic stance that I translated into a midi refrain and then develop the track around this thematic melody.
There are a lot of bars of repeated refrain but I just wanted to celebrate the positions of the birds and the melody that it summoned.
My dear friend Luca in Milan then added distorted trumpets to create a bit more drama - as the name suggests there is also a blackbird that Duncan pushed into a voCoda, I then slowed him down and treated him with some Ohmboyz spectral madness to create a shouty crazed bird voice that runs all the way through and complements (or fights with) the trumpets.


from one thousand birds symphony, released March 5, 2021


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